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Was sent to the Chinese academy of sciences, changchun branch was established in May 1978. Sorting system school belongs to unit has: changchun institute of optical precision machinery and physics, changchun institute of applied chemistry, changchun, northeast institute of geography and agricultural ecology and the national astronomical observatory satellite stations. Sorting functions are: to assist the courtyard party school construction belongs to the unit leadership, school cooperation, party building, disciplinary inspection and supervision and auditing, management of public affairs, finance and asset management.
Changchun branch system existing on-the-job worker 3000 people, including technical personnel more than 2000 people, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, changchun liaison office is responsible for the contact of jilin and heilongjiang province members of 16. System existing in changchun branch of Chinese academy of sciences, 5 1 academician of cae, 12 with doctoral degree, master's 19, 5 post-doctoral mobile stations, existing in the graduate student 1700 people.
Changchun branch system research fields including optics, applied optics, optical engineering, precision machinery and instrument, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer physics and chemistry, wetland science, regional agriculture, environmental science, remote sensing technology and application, the northeast area development, precise observation and precise orbit determination, satellite dynamics research, etc.
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